Thursday, September 25, 2008

Español en el mundo

Tu quieres mejorar tu inglés. ¿Sabes que tienes millones de contrapartes, las personas que hablan inglés y quieren aprender el Español? La siguiente selección toca este tema y te da un poco de práctica con la lectura del inglés.

Las palabras de esta selección escritas en cursiva no son tan comunes. Sería interesante que tu trataras primero de descubrir su significado sólo del contexto antes de usar el diccionario.

Why do so many people want to study Spanish? Travel is one big reason. Spain is a treasure trove of interesting destinations: the majesty of the 12 century mosque at Cordoba or the quirkiness of Gaudi's unfinished cathedral in Barcelona. Others are preparing for a trip to Argentina while it still is a bargain destination.

Even stay-at-homes are interested in the language. Some just want to keep up with their kids' homework. Some parents want their kids to speak Spanish. There is great interest in the field of kids and Spanish.

The success of Spanish speaking movie stars has inspired some to want to see their favorites act in their own language. Penelope Cruz is excellent in 'Volver" and Antonio Banderas says he soon will make a film in Spanish with his wife Melanie Griffiths.

The phenomenon of Salsa and other Latin rhythms has many wanting to understand the text of their favorite dance pieces. When not on the dance floor, some are beginning to work on Spanish.

Mariscadas, Tacos, empanadas, enchiladas; and other Spanish and Latin American foods are delicious and have a rich and varied background. Their names also tell stories of their ingredients and of their history.

Many young people feel that it is important for them to be bilingual in today's shrinking world. Their work will put them in contact with Spanish speaking clients and customers and might take them on trips to Spanish speaking countries. This motivates them to try to learn Spanish.

Finally, and most importantly, knowing Spanish will put monolingual Americans in touch with their vibrant, friendly neighbors from the "Madre Patria" and from the Rio Grande to Patagonia. To be in touch with them gives an infusion of their values and traditions.

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